Planet Sphynx is a small elite collection of Canadian Sphynx from all over the world but more importantly they are my smile every day, my cuddle buddies.

I’m Tabitha Ames, the owner of Planet Sphynx. The name was chosen as a representation of character. When asked I always say the Sphynx personalities are part monkey, part alien, part puppy & part toddle. They absolutely rock my world with unexplainable joy. I have a fascination with the genetics & hopeless love for caring for babies. I have been breeding on a small scale since 1986. My life has been enveloped with animals of all types since I was born & I am particularly intrigued by the unusual. I opened my pet salon in 1992.

Planet Sphynx stands-out of the crowd because I do my best to do everything right.


State of MO ACFA licensed
State animal health inspections
TICA Outstanding Cattery Certification
TICA Voluntary Code of Ethics
Veterinary Inspected
Veterinary & Cardiology Testing
Kitten Veterinary Exam/Spay/Neuter Program
Kitten Vaccination Program
Safe Commercial Pickup locations available in MO, KS & OK