only submit this form immediately AFTER confirming openings on the wait list & your anticipated current placement. Go to Contact Us if you have not already confirmed placement & availability.


    Acknowledgement of Planet Sphynx waiting list & basic information

    I, (Buyers) want to adopt a Planet Sphynx kitten. I understand & acknowledge the terms of the waiting list. I have read in full the waiting list/reserving a kitten/other information. I acknowledge & approve the sales agreement I will be required to sign ( sample copy is on the website) I am not at this time committed to any add-on options or choices but acknowledge I will need to decide my options prior at the time my kitten is 8 weeks old. Please accept my information below to start my kitten file. Once submitted i understand i will be contacted to then send my deposit funds.

    Fill out the following information for your file & kittens contract/registration.

    Planet Sphynx information: Tabitha Ames 913-980-8700